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A hotshot (or hot shot) is used to refer to an expedited delivery. These hotshot deliveries are often needed outside of regular business hours, or are needed in an urgent manner. Hotshot carriers like Site Direct provide this expedited service to those in need with the flexibility of being called on very short notice.

As an example, if a machine on a high production oil and gas site breaks down, Site Direct will be called up to deliver a replacement part with high urgency. Our operators and hot shot carriers are ready to pickup and deliver these parts at a moment’s notice and deliver them to their final destination as quickly and as safely as possible.

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Site Direct

Choosing the right transport company for your heavy equipment and hotshot delivery in Alberta is a serious decision. Other operators mistakes can lead to thousands of dollars in damages and losses to your equipment, and operations.


Site Direct's experience in the oilfield, construction, forestry and mining fields gives us an unparalleled advantage in transporting your important freight and equipment. All drivers have access to any oil sands related site, and are all fully trained in H2S Alive, First Aid, CSTS, Load Securement and many other safety programs.

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