Our on-demand Direct-To-Site service is faster and safer than any other due to our strategically located regional operations in Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Calgary, AB, and Sparwood, Elkford and Vancouver, BC. With our regionalized approach, Site Direct Ltd. is always close to our clients, no matter where they are. This approach also makes long distance delivery of important and time-sensitive freight quicker and more reliable. By switching to fresh drivers as your products move from one region to another, your goods move faster, safer and non-stoptoward their destination. Site Direct is able to cover greater distances in less time than any other service, making us indisputably #1 in our field.


Specializing in 24-hour emergency transportation and hotshot service to the oil and gas, mining, forestry and construction industries in Alberta, there isn’t anywhere we won’t go to pick up and deliver your important freight. Many of our clients have also chosen to take advantage of our scheduled daily delivery service

We understand that your business can operate on a 24 hour a day system. Because of this, you need a company that will also be by your side when you might need them most. At Site Direct, we pride ourselves in being available to you 365 days a year, at just a phone call away. 


Site Direct Ltd. is continuously upgrading our fleet of trucks and trailers and expanding our drivers’ performance and safety training. This ensures our customers receive the professional service and reliability that has made us the choice of many major companies in Canada’s oil and gas, mining, forestry and construction industries.



Driving to be the best, striving to be more than simply fast, Site Direct Ltd. is known for extraordinary customer service and 100% client satisfaction with our ability to cater to a wide variety of customer-specific requirements