COR Certified – Transport & Hotshot Delivery

Quite often our clients ask us what certifications we hold in order to do business with them. One of the more common ones that we see people ask for is a Certificate of Recognition (COR). Yes we do have our Certificate Of Recognition (COR).

Site Direct has had it consecutively since 2009. It has helped us to work with many new customers as well as current customers as we have found quite a few companies require you to have a COR to work with them. Safety has grown so much in this industry, and the COR sets high standards for a company to maintain those safety standards as well as keeping employees safe, equipment functional and safe including many other qualities for a company to stand up to to keep their COR.

In addition to COR we do yearly audits with many other companies, we also are members of the AMTA, PICS Auditing Contractor System, ISNet Contractor Management system as well as ComplyWorks.

Site Direct believes in safety and quality partnerships with their clients. Because of this, we belong to these groups who assist us in vouching for our commitment to quality, safety and reliability. We encourage all companies looking to work with a transportation and hotshot company such as ours to be diligent in assessing who they work with, and that they also embody the same commitment to safety and excellence that these accreditations stand for.

Give Site Direct a call for your next job and see how we can provide you with the quickest yet safest transportation or hotshot services in the industry.

To learn more about our accredations please visit our partners websites and learn the benefits of working with a PICS, ISNet World, COR or AMTA approved member for your transportation needs.



PICS: PICS AUDITING (for contractors)


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